How to open an Online Trading Account?
  1. Client shall download the following forms:
    • Customer Account Information Form ( CAIF )
    • Specimen Signature Card
    • Online Trading Agreement
  2. Client shall fill up and sign the CAIF, specimen signature card and online trading agreement
  3. Client shall submit the signed and duly filled up CAIF, specimen signature card and online trading agreement together with other requirements to the office of MSC.
  4. Upon receipt of the originally signed documents, MSC shall review the completeness of the documents.
  5. Once approved, MSC shall e-mail to the client the Identification Code and the Trading Account Code.
  6. Client will then register to MSC Online Trading using the Identification Code and Trading Account Code.
What are the requirements in opening Online Trading Account
  1. For Individual Accounts
    Photocopy of two (2) valid government ID with picture and signature
    • Passport
    • Driver’s License
    • SSS or GSIS identification card
    • Voters identification card
    • Senior citizen identification card
    • Tax identification card

  2. For Corporate Accounts
    • Photocopy of latest Articles of Incorporation as certified true copy by the SEC or by the Corporate Secretary
    • Photocopy of latest By Laws of the corporation as certified true copy by the SEC or by the Corporate Secretary
    • Photocopy of latest General Information Sheet as certified true copy by the SEC
    • Original copy of Secretary’s Certificate of board resolution authorizing the corporation to open an account with MSC with specimen signatures of designated signatories.
    • Photocopy of two (2) valid government ID of the corporate designated signatories.
What are the procedures for existing clients of MSC who wants to go online?
  1. Inform MSC of your intention to go online
  2. Follow the requirements on items A and B
How do I pay my account?
  • You may deposit payment or make fund transfer to any of our bank accounts with BDO, RCBC and MBTC. Inform MSC of your payment and fax your deposit slip to Fax no. 895 23 76 or e-mail – scan copy of deposit slip.
  • If payment is made by fund transfer, notify us so that we can verify your fund transfer to our bank.
  • You may call our office for pick up of your payment by our messenger / collector.
How much is my credit limit?
Your credit limit is your outstanding money balance per your ledger.
How do I trade online?
You may visit our office for orientation on how to trade online.
Orientation will cover the following :

  1. Posting of buying and selling order
  2. View an order
  3. View executed order
  4. Cancel or modify an order
How can I withdraw the proceeds from my stock sale?
You can send a letter or e- mail or call us if you want to withdraw proceeds of your stock sale.
In case of system failure of online trading, how can I trade?
You can call our offsite trading at telephone number 895 65 03 and 478 65 11 for posting of your order or for cancellation or modification of order.
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